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Betsys, A flapping great feast, 80/10/10, 500g

A Flapping Great Feast
500g £2.35

Betsys, That Bleating Bird, 80/10/10, 500g

That Bleating Bird
500g £2.35

Betsys, Quacking Red Meat, 80/10/10, 500g

Quacking Red Meat
500g £2.35

Betsys, Oh Deer, 80/10/10, 500g

Oh Deer!
500g £2.35

Betsys, Beewetiful Banquet, 80/10/10, 500g, Single Protein, Lamb

A Be-ewe-tiful Banquet
500g £3.25

Betsys, Dont Go Bacon my Heart, 80/10/10, Single Protein, Pork, 500g

Don't Go Bacon my Heart
500g £2.35

Betsys, Chicken & Tripe, 80/10/10, 500g

Tasty Chicken & Tripe
500g £2.40

Betsys, Turkey & Pork, 80/10/10, 500g

Divine Turkey & Pork
500g £3.45

Betsys, Chicken & Salmon, 80/10/10, 500g

Mixed Up Chicken & Salmon
500g £3.10

Betsys, Yummy Beef, 80/10/10, 500g

Yummy Beef
500g £2.95

Betsys, Fish & Tripe, Contains Offal, 500g

Lovely Fish & Tripe
Now Only £2.25
500g £

Betsys, Just white fish, Low Fat, 500g

Just White Fish
500g £2.65


Betsys, Turkey & Beef, Offal Free, Complimentary, 500g

Offal Free
Turkey & Beef

500g £2.70

Betsys, Offal free Chicken, Offal Free, Complimentary, 500g, Single Protein Chicken, Low Fat

Offal Free Chicken
500g £2.35

Betsys, Pork Hearts, 500g, Low Fat, Single Protein Pork

Chunky Pork Hearts
500g £1.50

Betsys, Beef Hearts, Single Protein Beef, 500g

Chunky Beef Hearts
500g £1.75

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